Whether you are just beginning your linguistic journey

or looking to improve your professional skills,

we have something just for you.

Beginner Courses

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Beginner Courses are perfect for…

Students who have studied Japanese before but still desire practical, interactive conversation practice with feedback.

Japanese pop culture enthusiasts who want to share their passion with native Japanese speakers more confidently.

Complete beginners who want to try their hand at simple conversations and social ice-breakers.


Practical Japanese Conversation – ANIME

A conversational course based on scenes and dialogue from popular anime currently streaming online. Taught in English with listening, speaking and reading exercises/roleplays in Japanese.

Voice Acting beginner

Voice Acting in Japanese – Beginner Level

A fun and informative entry-level course for beginner students interested in learning the tips and tricks of voice acting from Jenya Davidyuk, multilingual professional voice actor in Tokyo, Japan. This course is taught mostly in English.

What actually happens in each class?

Beginner courses consist of five 90min. classes that take place once a week. Each class has a similar flow, but the content builds from the previous week and increases in difficulty each week 🙂 

Advanced Courses

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Advanced Courses are perfect for…

Students who have taken the JLPT N1 or N2 and desire to keep learning with content that is applicable to real life situations.

Professionals who wish to improve their reading, writing, listening and speaking abilities for better career opportunities.

People who are interested in taking the first steps towards becoming a visualmedia translator.


Japanese for Professionals

Taught 100% in Japanese, this course for advanced learners focuses on reading and writing skills for various circumstances such as B2B messaging, newspapers, reviews, posts and different magazine genres.

Voice Acting advanced

Voice Acting in Japanese – Advanced Level

This advanced course is for experienced speakers interested in taking on complicated scripts, nuanced characters and improvisational challenges that come up in the voice acting industry. Taught completely in Japanese by Jenya Davidyuk, multilingual professional voice actor in Tokyo, Japan.


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