Course Description

This course will be taught fully in Japanese and is appropriate for advanced students who can read, write, speak and comprehend Japanese well enough to attend classes, business meetings and lectures with enough understanding to participate confidently. (JLPT N1 – N2)

Improve your reading skills and stop missing all the hidden context!

This course will help students improve their Japanese reading and writing skills in a variety of different genres.

Using content from newspapers, online reviews, magazine articles, essays, book reviews, posts, novels, tweets and public signage, students will take on both in-class tasks and homework assignments designed to help them implement what will be or has been introduced in each class.

This class is perfect for those of us who’d like to improve our skills for use in a professional environment.

Course Goals

  • Improve your scanning skills
  • Practice reading for gist, not details
  • Understand the differences between informative and creative writing styles
  • Be able to discuss the nuances of an editorial
  • Become comfortable with both horizontal and vertical writing styles
  • Discuss your thoughts and opinions on class content with other students and instructors in real time
  • Write more effectively, succinctly, persuasively without losing cultural context
  • Improve your interpersonal communication with colleagues and clients on digital platforms

Additional Info

All JLMI courses take place 100% online. In order to attend a class, you will need a device with internet connectivity. Smartphones and tablets are perfectly fine, but in order to interact more easily with media content, chat features and digital handouts, we recommend a computer.

JLMI cannot issue any refunds once a course has begun. Please carefully confirm the times and dates for each class before signing up. All times and dates are listed in JST. 

For the security and privacy of all persons involved, course recordings will not be available to anyone under any circumstances. We offer real-time interactive lessons, not to be mistaken with on-demand content. Thank you for your understanding.

Course Instructors

JVTA Group CEO Naoki Niira is an expert on freelancing. He has led JVTA in training over 1,000 translators and reviewed over 3,000 business books in his writing career. While establishing JVTA and building a vocational training program specializing in training video translators, he also created the Media Translation Center to provide translation services for subtitles and dubbing to support the employment of graduates. In 2008, the Los Angeles school was opened and in 2017, he established a Moscow branch office in Russia.

Since apprenticing with JVTA’s CEO after his college education, Yuichiro Maruyama made his professional debut as a writer for various large publications in Japan, eventually becoming an editor. He now works as a lecturer at JVTA while also teaching classes on logical reading and writing in Japanese at JLMI.

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Course Tuition

Japanese Advanced Reading

  • For Domestic Students Living in Japan – 15,400 JPY*
  • For International Students Living Abroad – 14,000 JPY

*includes consumption tax required by Japanese law

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