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Course Description

Improve your game with JLMI.

Building on the knowledge you have already gained in your language journey up until now, this class utilizes cut scenes, game-play and dialog from popular video games to explain how and why certain phrases are used in everyday conversations.

Taught in English with audiovisual aids from popular games. We focus strongly on verbal communication skills (speaking / listening) but each lesson will also involve a certain amount of reading depending on the game’s language output style.

Each lesson culminates in conversation practice, presentation and immediate feedback from instructors.

Course Goals

This is a beginner level course that will give you a better understanding of video game language and how it can be utilized practically in your own everyday life.

  • Improve reading skills (screen caps of dialogue)
  • Distinguish between gendered grammar and vocabulary
  • Learn how to use common phrases and vocab from video games in practical conversations
  • Understand and practice P2P chat that commonly occurs in MMORPGs
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Additional Info

All JLMI courses take place 100% online. In order to attend a class, you will need a device with internet connectivity. Smartphones and tablets are perfectly fine, but in order to interact more easily with media content, chat features and digital handouts, we recommend a computer.

We also offer a FREE trial lesson for several of our beginner level courses. Please follow the link below to check the dates and times for our trial lessons.

JLMI cannot issue any refunds once a course has begun. Please carefully confirm the times and dates for each class before signing up. All times and dates are listed in JST. 

For the security and privacy of all persons involved, course recordings will not be available to anyone under any circumstances. We offer real-time interactive lessons, not to be mistaken with on-demand content. Thank you for your understanding.

Course Instructors

James is a digital creator and planner at JLMI. His teaching method is inspired by his experience in the Japanese video game industry. He is currently working on a series of videos that teach Japanese through games.

Originally from the US, Bill moved to Osaka in 2007 with zero Japanese knowledge whatsoever. Thanks to that experience of studying to survive and practicing with the super slangy dialect of the Kansai region, Bill has a unique grasp of the language that has opened so many different doors for him from voice acting jobs to hosting live events, from performing for Japanese comedy audiences to officiating weddings. He believes that the goal of language learning is not to be fluent and pass for native but to be comfortable enough to share ideas with native speakers and use language as the tool it is to accomplish one’s goals.

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Course Tuition

Practical Japanese Conversation – VIDEO GAMES

  • For Domestic Students Living in Japan – 8,800 JPY*
  • For International Students Living Abroad – 8,000 JPY

*includes consumption tax required by Japanese law