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Japanese Language and Media Institute

Who are we?

We’re the Japanese Language and Media Institute, or JLMI! We were established in March 2018 as a school that provides Japanese language education and career-building opportunities for non-Japanese students who love Japanese pop culture.

About JLMI’s Parent Company
JLMI is operated by the Japan Visualmedia Translation Academy (JVTA), a school that trains professional visual media translators who create subtitles and voiceovers in a variety of languages. Learn more at


Here at JLMI, we offer both on-site classes as well as on-demand video classes that cover a variety of topics.

Paid Course

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At JLMI, we hold unique, interactive workshops that give you chance to try activities you can’t experience elsewhere.
These include voice-acting in Japanese, learning video game terminology in Japanese, creating videos in Japanese, and more!

Corporate Training

For those who are looking for Japanese instruction in a corporate setting,
we also offer courses for corporate training.

The JLMI Team

The instructors at JLMI are all bilingual professionals who have years of experience in the media industry
who have a love for language, teaching, and everything Japanese pop culture!

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Nami Asakawa

Chief project planner at JVTA. At JLMI, Asakawa teaches the voice acting and J-pop karaoke workshops, bringing her love of Japanese anime and music to class.

JLMI provides so many unique learning experiences that you won

Kiyotake Ishii

Chief Director in the Global Communication Support at JVTA. Ishii is a veteran instructor and teaches several workshops at JLMI, including the voice acting and videomaking classes.

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Jessi Nuss

Translation Director. Jessi oversees the Japanese-to-English media translation course, which she also teaches classes in. She puts this teaching experience to use in teaching subtitle translation workshops at JLMI.

Want to polish your Japanese communication skills? With us, you can learn practical Japanese business phrases and manners that you can’t get from reading a textbook at a language school. Join our course, and we

Nao Fujita

Director of School Administration at JVTA. A translation director with years of experiencing creating Japanese subtitles and voiceovers for media in English, Nao utilizes this knowledge in teaching the voice acting workshops.

We’re here to help teach Japanese while sharing the same love and enthusiasm for Japanese media like anime, video games, manga, or dramas. Embrace being an otaku, and connect further with Japanese culture and society!

Tyler James

Creator and Planner at JLMI. His teaching method is inspired by his experience in the Japanese video game industry. He is currently working on a series of videos that teach Japanese through games.

There are many reasons students become interested in Japan and Japanese,  and one of those includes wishing to live in Japan. We

Bill Reilly

Planner and Lecturer at JVTA. With over 13 years of experience living, working and performing in Japan, Bill uses his love of language to assist companies and creators in selling their ideas overseas.


Check out what new things are happening at JLMI!

Speaking in Shades: Exploring the Colorfulness of the Japanese Language

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De Show でしょう! Q&A for Those Interested in Japan and Japanese!


De Show でしょう! Q&A for Those Interested in Japan and Japanese!



Nippon Connection (Frankfurt)

JLMI had a voice-over workshop at Nippon Connection, which is a Japanese film festival held in Frankfurt, Germany. Many participants enjoyed learning Japanese through Japanese anime.

Japan Foundation (Los Angeles)

JLMI teacher Asakawa taught a voice acting workshop at the Japan Foundation in Los Angeles on February 21st, 2019. It was the first workshop held in collaboration with the Japan Foundation!

Anime Voice Acting Workshop at Michigan State University (US)

JLMI teacher Ishii taught a voice acting workshop for students of Western Michigan University on April 2nd, 2019.
JLMI teachers Asakawa and Tyler taught a voice acting workshop to 30 Russian elementary school students at the Russian Embassy on April 16th, 2019.

Anime Voice Acting at Russian Embassy (Tokyo)

JLMI teachers Asakawa and Tyler taught a voice acting workshop to 30 Russian elementary school students at the Russian Embassy on April 16th, 2019.

JLMI YouTube Channel

For simple, yet insightful mini Japanese lessons, as well as an educational “lets play” videogame series, be sure to check us out at our YouTube channel when you can!

JLMI Facebook Page

We periodically update our Facebook page with interesting articles relating to Japanese language and Japanese pop culture and society.

JLMI Twitter Account

In addition to Facebook, we also share interesting facts, Japanese language tips, and news relating to Japanese culture and society via our Twitter account as well.



Listen to what past students have to say!

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“Anyone who has any interest in Japanese culture and media at all, then you will surely find these activities very fun! Everyone at JLMI is extremely friendly, and this is a great blend of pop contents and fun language learning.”

-J.D. from New York (Voice Acting Workshop)

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“Everyone would like these classes, even if you aren’t so interested in anime, and are simply traveling throughout Japan for tourism or food, this would be a fun activity for them I think.”

-J.A. from the Philippines (Voice Acting Workshop)

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